Free Things to Do in London: The Museums

Another of my favorite free things to do in London is visiting the museums. It’s amazing how many of them cost nothing to enter, and how impressive their collections are.

Few other cities have so much on display for free, and that’s always been something I appreciate about London.

9. British Museum

The British Museum houses antiquities from all over the world, and it’s inspiring to see everything from the Rosetta Stone to the Parthenon Sculptures in one place. It’s one of the most famous museums in the city, and it’s worth a special trip.

10. The National Gallery

The National Gallery is full of paintings and other works of fine art from around the world. From the Renaissance to the Impressionists, this museum is packed with world-class art.

11. Tate Modern

Tate Modern is known for its cutting-edge contemporary art and rotating exhibitions, and it also offers some of the best free views of London from its upper floors and viewing terrace.

12. Tate Britain

Tate Britain is a great museum for learning about British art through the ages. From historic paintings to modern sculpture, visiting this museum is one of the best free things to do in London for art.

13. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is beautiful outside and in. The building itself is stunning, and inside there’s everything from dinosaur bones to exquisite gemstones. The secret garden is great as well.

14. The V&A

The V&A is a design lover’s heaven, and has impressive collections of fashion, furniture, art, and more. Its historic cafe is worth a special trip, too.


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